8:08 Er Bonga Local - Bengali Movie

About the movie

Ananta Das is a normal middle class man who takes the 8:08 am Bongaon Local to Kolkata daily. He has seen many incidents, which created a deep impression in his life. One such incident is the murder of a brother who protested against a group drunkards who were teasing his elder sister. At first, he remains silent against all these incidents but one day, his protesting nature bursts out. He starts fighting each and every wrong deed, irrespective of the level of crime. As a result, he stands out as an upright citizen and becomes a target of the leaders of the society. What happens after that? What is the last verdict? 8:08 er Bonga Local deals with this story.Read more...

Bhaskar Banerjee
Haradhan Bannerjee
Barun Chakraborty
Sonali Chowdhury
Anushree Das
Manoj Mitra
Kanchana Moitra
Krishnokishore Mukherjee
Swastika Mukherjee
Tapas Pal
Anamika Saha
Baby Sanika
Rajesh Sharma
Shamik Sinha
Raghuvir Yadav

Directed By:

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