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We will show you the way to Success.

Give us a chance and we will prove our efficiency! We will show you the way to Success.

Welcome to the world of Dream Merchant Group!

We say ‘world’, because that’s the range of our expanse, creativity, experience and commitment. At Dream merchant we have a presence in all visual media; from Ad films to TV serials to TV shows, Live events and Feature Films. Dream Merchant is backed by a team of professionals, whose combined work experience is so high that it is immeasurable. With good exposure in the media industry, Dream Merchant is now set to take off on to the next level. Hence a new name, a new strategy, a new plan and a new identity – Dream Merchant Group.

A fresh thinking, so innovative and breakthrough, that it will redefine the very norms and standards of mass communication in India. At Dream Merchant, we are all poised for this quantum leap and are ready to catapult ourselves into nexgen.

Our Mision

World Class ENTERTAINMENT which combines the creative strength of talent from India as well as from all over the world - ENTERTAINMENT that the world will love, cherish and respect.